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Turning Dreams into Reality!

A Dream, An Angel

I am Angela, known as a Dream Angel. I am a Dreamer Event Planner, Visionary, coordinator, and decorator, I'm glad you have chose to Dream with me. i am quite, but a go getter on making dreams, reality,

I am the owner and lead planner of angels-anj events, llc. 

i work with my staff of magical angels and vendor to make every event and occassion a magical success. I'm blessed by god to be an angel that sows into the lives of others in their time of need.

Our Vision is to invite more humans to Dream and Live Life.​

Angels-ANJ Events is a small business based out of Sanford, Florida. It started 5 years ago and we're finally enhancing and making Dreams come true. We're a business with big dreams, looking to bring magic with each new event and design.


Angels look to engage each customer though specially designed crafts, custom products and unique event services!

Angela of Angels-ANJ Events
Angela of Angels-ANJ Events

Angela Owens

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